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Cut & Sew Vehicle Thermal / Acoustical Solutions Rubber-Based Products Protective Coatings

EMTECH is an industry leader in applying coatings that protect against the harsh elements that military vehicles and equipment are exposed to on a regular basis. Corrosion prevention, erosion concerns, waterproofing, leak concerns, and durability issues have all been addressed. Field deployable products have been developed to address specific points of repetitive impingement. Our coatings are capable of being finished with MIL-STD CARC coating systems.


Coatings play a significant role in extending the life cycle of metal, wood, or other substrates that are exposed to the elements. The coating also provides a barrier to protect against chemical and body salt corrosive agents.


Direct application of protective coatings provide a monolithic moisture barrier that will prevent any fluid transfer. This is a very effective means to protect and seal seams between joined panels. Spall liner composites that are encapsulated, retain effectiveness significantly longer by preventing the negative effect of moisture on aramid and other spall materials.


EMTECH’s protective coatings process can be applied to virtually any substrate providing excellent scratch & abrasion resistance. Vehicle egress areas, high wear areas, and components exposed to rugged terrain are typical applications that require added protection.